• Multiple Number Comparative

Number multiple include : half, twice, three times, etc.

Ex : – This encyclopedia costs twice as much as the other one.
– Jerome has half as many records now as I had last years.

• Double Comparatives
These sentences begin with comparative construction, and the second clause must begin with comparative.

Ex : – The higher we flow, the worse Edna felt.
– The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Ex : – The more he rowed the boat, the farther away he got.

• No Sooner
If the expression no sooner appears at beginning of a sentence, the word than must introduce the second clause.

Ex : – No sooner will he arrive, than he will want to leave.
– No sooner had we started out for California, than it started to rain.

• Positive, Comparative, and Superlative
Positive Comparative Superlative
– hot – hotter – hottest
– interesting – more interesting – most interesting
– sick – sicker – sickest
– colorful – more colorful – most colorful

The positive.
shows no comparisons. It describe only the simple quality of a person, thing, or group.
Ex : – The house is big.
– The flowers are fragrant.

The Comparative.
Involves two entities and shows a greater or leaser degree of difference between them. It also possible to compare without using than.

Ex : – Harvey is the smarter of the two boys.
– Of the two shirts, this one is the prettier.

The Superlative.
Compare three or more entities, one of which in superior or inferior to the others.

Ex : – John is the tallest boy in the family.
– Deana is the shortest of the three sister.

Note : after the expression one of the + superlative, be sure that the noun is plural and the verb is singular.

Adverb usually are compared by adding more or less, and by adding most or least to form the superlative.

Positive Comparative Superlative
– carefully – more carefully – most carefully
– less carefully – least carefully
– cautiously – more cautiously – most cautiously
– less cautiously – least cautiously

Ex : – sal drove more cautiously than Bob (comparative)
– That child behaves the most carelessly of all (superlative)

Nouns Functioning as Adjectives
The first noun of the combination function as an adjective, describing the second one, which functions as a noun. The nouns which function as adjective are always in the ingular event though they may modify a plural noun.

We took a tour that lasted five weeks.
(weeks functions as a noun in this sentence.)
We took a five-week tour.
adjective noun

His subscription to the magazine is for two years,
(years functions as a noun in this sentence.)
He has a two-year subscription to the magazine.
adjective noun

Enough with Adjective, Adverbs, and Nouns.
Enough changes positions depending on whether it is modifying a noun, an adjective, or an adverb. When modifying an adjective or an adverb, enough follows.

Ex : – Are those French fries crisp enough for you?
– She speaks Spanish well enough to be an interpreter.

When modifying a noun, enough precedes the noun.

Ex : – Do you have enough sugar for the cake?
– jake bought enough red paint to finish the barn.

Cause Connectors
• Because / Because of
Because must always be followed by a complete sentence (there must be a verb).

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